We love fish. Fish are our business, our passion, and our livelihood. We feel a deep responsibility to promote and support environmentally responsible, scientifically sustainable fisheries. Clearly the stakes are huge, and when it comes the health of the oceans, we are all stake-holders

Don and Randee Disraeli have been sourcing fresh seafood for Kanaloa since 1983.  From the beginning, they have taken a comprehensive approach with includes full eco-system evaluation and audits.  By assessing entire regions, including the people living around and fishing the waters, their practices along with the delicate balance of the surrounding ecosystem, Don and Randee are able to dynamically source a complete seafood portfolio and create lasting relationships with fishing communities who are actively engaged in protecting their waters and livelihood.

As part of their ISO accreditation, Kanaloa undergoes environmental audits every six months.  This audit covers not only Kanaloa and their processing and local business practices, but it also includes auditing of their suppliers.  Understanding that their suppliers are fishing communities across the globe, this ISO accreditation process means that all of their seafood suppliers are continuously being assessed as well.  

Kanaloa seafood’s engagement with evolving evaluation means that smaller and progressive fisheries do not fall through the cracks. Having an internationally recognized external auditing system in place allows Kanaloa seafood to work with engaged fishermen who aspire to make their practices better with every fishing season. 


Kanaloa is the only International Organization of Standardization-certified seafood company in North America, earning our ISO 14001 certification through regular third party audits of our environmental management practices, and our continuous effort to reduce the size of the environmental footprint of our entire business, including our eco-packaging and shipping methods.


Purchasing fresh seafood from Kanaloa either for your restaurant, resort, hotel or even for home delivery ensures that you’ve made the best environmental choice you can. Our sources have been subjected to a rigorous and scientifically sound evaluation on current sustainability best practices in the fish they take, and the manner used to take them.


Kanaloa Seafood is a strong partner when it comes to procurement goals and guidelines.  From independent chefs, national chains or retail markets, to pre-negotiated contract buyers, Kanaloa ensures that your seafood choices will meet your guidelines or mandates, and we will consistently deliver the highest quality and freshness. We pride ourselves on long-term, trusted relationships and are willing to work with your procurement and culinary team for sourcing and menu planning.


We take our commitment to sustainability right down to our packaging.

Its true, polystyrene is light, and a good insulator. It’s also relatively cheap, which is why so much fish gets packaged or shipped in it. However, given that it takes 500 years for a single polystyrene cup to degrade, Kanaloa has taken the lead in the seafood industry by being truly responsible shippers. We employ only state of the art, environmentally friendly packing materials and processes. This means no-polystyrene.

At Kanaloa we understand real change is about real commitment, not just rhetoric.

The 4-step process we use to pack your fish:

  1. Before boxing, we vacuum seal the fish using a special permeable plastic scientifically designed to prevent bacterial growth.
  2. Next, we surround the fish with eco-friendly gel packs. Unlike most cold gel which is highly toxic, our packs use specially formulated gel that is completely non-toxic to seabirds and other scavengers.
  3. Then we nestle the vacuum-sealed fish along and gel packs with an oxygen filled, biodegradable, insulating blanket for maximum temperature control. No messy, difficult to recycle and impossible to degrade polystyrene peanuts.
  4. The fish, now sealed and wrapped in its own insulating blanket, goes into a double-walled, insulated, entirely recyclable corrugated box, ensuring that when your fish arrives it will be fresh enough to make a sailor blush.

Kanaloa is the only International Organization of Standards 14001 certified fish-company in North America, which means you count on Kanaloa’s commitment to sustainability.

ISO 14001 Certified

ISO 14001 is the world’s most recognized Environmental Management System (EMS) framework that helps organizations to both better manage the impact of their activities on the environment and demonstrate sound environmental management.  ISO 14001 is implemented by some 200,000 organizations in 155 countries, andin 2003 Kanaloa Seafood became the first seafood distributor in North America and Europe to become ISO 14001 certified, demonstrating our dedication to operating as an environmentally responsible business. 

Through implementing this EMS at Kanaloa, we have successfully improved our environmental performance by reducing our raw material/resources usage, energy consumption and waste generation, all the while improving process efficiency and utilizing recoverable resources. ISO 14001 addresses not only the environmental aspects of Kanaloa’s daily business processes, but also our product’s life cycle.  Therefore, both our suppliers and the course our seafood travels before it arrives at our facilities have met all conditions to quality as environmentally responsible under ISO’s requirements.