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Kanaloa Seafood may have started with modest means, but Don Disraeli, who holds a PhD in Coastal Ecology and Ecosystems Management from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and Randee Disraeli, who earned her degree in Geographic Information Systems at University of California, Santa Barbara and researched the migratory patterns of tuna at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, had big dreams, vision and a mission to create something that was the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.

In 1983, Randee and Don decided to take the plunge into the seafood business, and created Kanaloa, a seafood sourcing, processing and distribution company focused on responsible environmental practices. The Disraeli’s approached the business of fish with a rigorous scientific perspective, and understood early-on that development, support, and promotion of sustainable, environmentally sound fishing practices are necessary to reverse the dangerous depletion of world fish stocks, and bring an end to destructive fishing practices.

From the beginning, they were committed not only to doing their part to preserve our oceans and their bounty, but to educate and evangelize on the vital necessity of continuous efforts toward a scientifically supportable, truly sustainable, global fishing industry. Don and Randee built a premier seafood company committed to supplying only fish of peerless quality, from unimpeachable sources.

Kanaloa Seafood is the first seafood company in North America to receive the prestigious environmental management certification from the International Organization of Standardization: ISO 14001. They were awarded this certification as a result of independent 3rd party audits that confirm their industry-leading environmental management practices. This certification demonstrates their deep commitment, and their continual pursuit of better, more ecologically and environmentally sound methods, practices, and materials throughout every aspect of their business. 

The Disraeli's have developed their company with a clear path and devotion to full-ecosystem evaluations. You can see this not only by their products and auditing system, but also by the staff and company management.  

The Disraeli's are also committed to supporting local California fishermen and are involved at an executive level in organizations such as the California Fisheries Institute, theCalifornia Sea Grant and the marine research organization, MARE.  Kanaloa's devotion to the environment resulted in the Santa Barbara Green award and recognition by the California State Legislature, Congresswoman Lois Capps and nominted for the EPA environmental award.