Kanaloa delivers fresh, high quality seafood directly to your kitchen.

We provide custom processing, specialty cuts and portioning services that suit your business needs. From menu staples such as Scottish salmon, to specialty, seasonal and rare products such as Spanish octopus, live whelks or our local Santa Barbara Black mussels, Kanaloa seafood specialists can work with your culinary and procurements teams to develop a comprehensive seafood program that suits your needs.

Our portioning services and custom processing allow for consistent product delivery to high-volume foodservice and retailers across the nation. Our seafood specialists can work with your menu and retail case planning for year-round offerings.

Kanaloa is an authorized contract provider for several national and international procurement companies. We consistently provide fresh, high quality and sustainable seafood to a large number of national restaurant and hospitality chains.

We look forward to serving you. Call our service representative at 805.966.5159 for personal account services and pricing.