For years I assumed that eggs Benedict were named after the infamous traitor of the Revolutionary War, Benedict Arnold. But in fact, they were invented late in the nineteenth century, when a hungover businessman asked for hollandaise sauce to go with his poached eggs at the Waldorf Hotel. And thank goodness he did, as few things say “brunch” as well as eggs Benedict. And Kanaloa is doing spectacular things with this dish, as part of their new brunch menu. Crab cake, salmon gravlax, or vegetarian Benedicts are all available, and you really cannot go wrong. The crab cake Benedict wins on looks alone. Golden towers of crab cake and poached egg, sitting on toasted English muffins. The crab cake is flecked with red bell peppers to compliment the sweet crab breaded in panko. With a generously poured mimosa, I am well on my way to a happy weekend. But, oh, wait, the yolk of the poached egg is slowly pouring down over the crab cake…richness upon richness. And the hollandaise sauce, with its bright lemon and rich, buttery sauce, is velvet gold. I might just need a bite of those Cajun breakfast potatoes to go with it. As Chef Alliano Decka says, “The flavors work really well together. Customers really love it.”

If you can tear yourself away from the Benedict, I would go for another seafood brunch dish. The Kanaloa Omelet is a truly unique offering of sweet scallops and shrimp folded into fluffy eggs and melty cheese, with a finely chopped chives. A delicious combination for brunch.

Angela Borda is a Santa Barbara food writer who is delighted to be blogging about one of her favorite restaurants, Kanaloa Seafood.